Lovers or Friends?...

When’s the last time you were hugged?


Held hands?

My latest project Lovers or Friends? sheds light on one of our most basic human needs - touch. More Americans are living alone and staying single longer and it is becoming even more important for us all to be reminded of one simple fact: we fail to thrive without physical contact.

We NEED touch!

So what happens to people who don’t have a partner or children? How do they fulfill their needs for touch and satiate their skin hunger? I am a firm believer that the intimacy between friends is just as important and powerful as the intimacy and love shared between partners or lovers.

As a queer Black woman, I have found that the LGBTQ+ community has consistently been a model for intimacy that extends beyond what our society has deemed as “normal.” Love is love - and we choose to love and support each other in spaces where others may be unable to love us as we are. We all need a reminder that our needs for touch and intimate connections are normal.

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